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J-1 Alumni

Participants in Exchange Visitor Programs in the United States, including our J-1 Training Program, after returning home, can continue their engagement with current and former participants, host companies, Sponsors, and the US Department of State, and have access to designated activities, events, grants, business and professional development opportunities, and updates on the latest global trends, and remain active factors of change and progress in their local communities.

The United States Department of State provides an electronic platform to register, connect and collaborate, and we warmly encourage all current and future successful completers of our J-1 Training Program (J-1 Alumni) to join this great opportunity at https://alumni.state.gov/

Tunde Chirianu – Alternate Responsible Officer, Tunde@AcrossCulturesInternational.com coordinates the J-1 Exchange Visitor Alumni activities of Across Cultures International.